Moron Watch: Black Dog of Depression

What’s the skinny on how liberals/progressives think and what passes for their inner life in the Prophet Obama’s New Era?  For that matter, what the hell is a progressive, Obama’s and Hillary’s preferred name for him/her and his/hers.  You know who I’m talking about.  They love bumper stickers that say things like “01.20.09”, just “Obama” with a peace symbol for the “O”, or “Honk!  If You Understand Punctuated Equilibria!”  They buy the Prius.  They admire the bug-eyed Nancy Pelosi for her courage.  They admire those ’60’s draft dogers for their courage.  Buddha is just all right with them.  Anything a Martha’s Vineyard Kennedy does is okay by them even if he is in his sixties and has no pants.  They like soldiers if they have  a grudge with the military.  They think post-modernism is da bomb.  Bauhaus is sexy.  They shop at Ikea.  They’re wild about restrictive gun laws, high taxes for all those Bush fat cats, the ’60’s (the goofy parts where we all dropped acid), homeopathy, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Tito, Fidel, Che, Alger, Julius, Ethel, Ho, Jane, Barbara, Hugo, Colossus, Starbucks, CCCP, yoga, labor unions, atheism, feminism, social consciousness, cosmic consciousness, global consciousness, fill-in-the-blank-consciousness, Hamas, tasteful porn, sardonic wit (if directed at all those morons that listen to Rush), Whole Foods, Apple, socialism, the U.S. Department of Education, Molly Ivins, Bella Abzug, Rosie O’Donnell, sex education, free condoms, free needles, free love, and public prosecutors that really don’t like abortion clinic demonstrators.  They feel self actualized when they see movies like “What The Bleep Do We Know!?”  They get Russell Brand. 

A few of their favorite things...

What do these people think and why do they think it?  Do they know what it means to be objective?  Can they actually formulate a rational argument that would be an accurate representation of the conservative opposition?  Can they even imagine that their beliefs are anything other than absolute?  Can they stand in another’s shoes for even a second?  Why do they seem to only communicate in sneers? Why do they smell funny and dress so bad?  How come their art is vapid?  Why do we cringe so much when we are around them?  Why do they hate so much and so readily?

And they can hate.  Man, can they hate!  They hate Bush more than sin… naaah!  They don’t believe in that old concept of sin, anyway, so all I can say is that they hate him to pieces.  They hate Dick Chaney even more.  They hate people that go to church.  They hate the concept of a personal creator God.  They hate pro-lifers.  They hate Republicans especially if they have to report to one.  They hate Rush Limbaugh.  They hate people that listen to Rush Linbaugh.  They hate those specific megahertz over which Rush’s voice is transported.  They hate global warming.  They hate people that question global warming.  They hate SUV’s.  They hate guns, hunters, NASCAR, camo, duck blinds, Masons (fez not trowel), beer commercials, really cute women (at least the ones that like country music and that like regular guys), country music, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Viet Nam vets that really saw battle but don’t brag about it, the military in general, asphalt, concrete, for-profit companies, and meat (especially if you went out an killed it the old fashioned way: with a projectile of some sort).   They hate factory-raised chicken, Florida vacations, abstinence programs, members of the Society of King Charles the Martyr, fur coats, synthetic fibers, plastic grocery bags, bottled water, artificial sweetener, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, missile defense systems, muzak (This is unfair — who doesn’t?), privately financed healthcare, stock portfolios, Richard Nixon, talk radio, anti-marijuana laws, Israel, super highways, right-to-work states, and Spiro Agnew.  They hate coffee unless it’s picked by someone with a donkey.  They hate Walmart. They hate McDonald’s.  They hate Macy’s.  Mockery is their default tone.  They hate, hate, hate!  When I close my eyes and think about the progressive everyman, I see an idle-hands, hate-filled, anger-machine rotating at 6000 rpm on it’s own thumb animated by animus for all things decent.  They hate with passion and a visciouness that would make the most drug-crazed, SS, hunch-back, peg-legged, concentration camp guard with a bad toothache look positively beatific in comparison.  It animates them like nitroglycerin animates dynamite.  If you don’t believe that they are driven, or at least animated by hate, spend an hour on the daily kos or engage one in a debate by email and you’ll see what I mean.

But it’s all good because what they hate is, you know, the personification of “EVIL”!  That’s GEORGE BUSH BASTARD EVIL, not your garden variety sort.  But rather, their version of evil.  A vile filthy evil that enjoys, oh, I don’t know, maybe having litters of puppies delivered to the White House so he and Chaney could play croquet with the puppies standing in for balls.  Drinking out of a goblet made from the skull/eating the liver of my enemy with some fava beans kind of evil.  The kind of evil that insists on every corpse in Iraq be mutilated and then photographed for inclusion into Bush’s family scrap book, something to enjoy with the kids or grand-kids.

This stuff is just rabidly stupid, but on the left, this pathology masquerades as thought.  I’ve debated a few progressives in times past only to find that when they have no real argument, which is often, they start sneering.  You posit a great argument, they sneer.  You try post modernist drivel, they sneer because they’ve pigeon-holed you by then.  They sneer, frothing at the mouth.  They sneer, sneer, sneer!  Where did they learn this loathsome behavior?  Maybe they learned to sneer from their professors.  Where else?  They could not have learnt to do this at Church or grammar school.  They may have learned it from their parents, but a lot of parents would have tried to squelch such behavior.  On the other hand, if their parents were, say, English professors then sneering would have been commonplace, even if frowned upon, in the offspring.  Spend a lot of time with sneering progressives and you will either become terribly depressed like those poor Neanderthal did In Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The  Galaxy, or you’ll punch them out and go home feeling great.

My thesis is this:

  1. The left—secular progressives, fellow travelers, pinks, Hollywood black listees, so-called liberal Democrats, anyone in the Obama administration (except maybe for SecDef Robert Gates), Nancy Pelosi and company, most college professors (95% of which report themselves as liberal Democrats), Che Guevara admirers, and any others that might fit that bill (we all know who they are, the scolds and busybodies of society along with many of the useful idiots that support them)—are thoroughly bankrupt both morally and intellectually.
  2. Their current belief set arises from their hive mentality and drives them to a perverse insistence on slavish adherence to secular ideology, politically correct newspeak, and ignorant assumptions that the only real evils in the world reside in America, Israel, and Christianity.
  3. Our educational system is the primary culprit responsible for teaching our children ideology instead of the essential skills of independent, objective thought. Shame on conservatives for abandoning the groves of academe.
  4. The left are, at root, fascist and will happily toss non-believers into jail or concentration camps, if given half a chance.  They have lost all human kindnesses and have no regrets when it comes to murdering or enslaving millions in the name of their corrupt ideology.

So these writings will explore what really goes on in the mind of these people, the pathology of their subjectiveness, and how best break through to communicate with them.  Why would I care?  Why would any thinking person want to communicate with these dopes?  Probably a waste of time.  But what a gas it’ll be making fun of them!


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