Terror Watch: Binyam Ahmed Mohamed

In opposition to the horror that the Bush administration and his minions has foisted on the world, our fine President For Life, Barry H., has started releasing the innocents: inhumanly tortured from gitmo.  He has stated that he was held in prison “where captives were permanently chained to the wall, kept in constant darkness, and constantly bombarded by loud noises and rap and heavy metal music.”  Okay!  That’s it!  Chained to the wall I can take, but forced to listen to Rap?  How horrible!

WAIT just a second!  A lot stinks about the release from Gitmo of Binyam Mohamed to the Brits. Don’t assume that this alleged ‘alleged terrorist’ is telling the truth about his captivity.

Check out Thomas Joscelyn’s piece on the lad at http://www.longwarjournal.org/.


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