Moron Watch: Laika the Space Dog / Its only been six weeks and the world is already coming to an end?

Laika Watch

Laika The Space Dog has told me she wants to stay in space now.  She says, “Don’t argue with idiots.  You’ll have to stoop to their level.”  And she wants to know if anybody really believes that any of the Democrats, and especially the White House-based New Age Brown Shirts, are cutting back on any of their lavish parties, banquets, and other highly expensive perks.  No way!  They keep spending (our money), eating the best Wagyu beef, and drinking Dom Perignon just like drunken AIG execs wallowing nude in tubs of freshly printed bailout money.  Barney Frank is over at Freddie Mac having the staff stand around him in a circle and pelt his shirtless torso with pre-warmed gold sovereigns while he eats caviar.  At the White House “Stimulus” dinner, where The Obamanation of Desolation slopped with all of his yellow dog cronies, they all had a big laugh at the taxpayers’ expense.  Me, I’m eating hotdogs.

42 Days of Horror 

It’s only been six weeks and already all of the signs that we are about to enter Seven Years of Great Tribulation are here:  We got the leadership we deserve!  Fortunately, Alfred E. Obama is focused on making sure that the people that work and pay the bills in this country also pay for everyone’s sins.  He ‘s going to make sure we all are treated equally by…

  • The IRS, unless you happen to be an Obama Administration aparatchik.
  • The stock markets, we are all going to lose equally unless we have a George Soros billionaire in our corner.
  •  By your plumber, unless he’s Joe Wurzelbacher (he’s too busy fighting tax audits).
  • By the thought police.  They are getting into the workplace and your homes.  They live for that day when they can listen in on your pillow talk to make sure it isn’t sexist.  Go Big Brother!
  • By the healthcare industry, because we’ll all get to stand in the same line together, unless you can afford to go buy it overseas.
  • The soon to be formed U.S. State Security Police to be tasked with rooting out dissenters to The One’s polices.  We’ll all get new jobs building re-education camps in Nevada and outside of San Francisco.
  • Bureaucrats everwhere.  Now we can see what all the Stalinist fuss was about.

Get ready, Laika!  A lot of us are trying to figure out how to join you in space as the Great Leveler makes sure we deeply regret ever having lifted a finger to care for ourselves.


One Response to “Moron Watch: Laika the Space Dog / Its only been six weeks and the world is already coming to an end?”

  1. I have suppressed my inner redneck long enough and have now surrendered – after all, it is better than belonging to one of those other groups!

    “I’ll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands!”

    – Mr. Heston (supressed red neck of the highest pedigree)

    Much Love,

    The Turtle

    See you all in the bread line

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