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How Cool Is This?

Posted in Deficit, Humor, It's The Economy Stupid!, Obama, Politics with tags , , , on August 30, 2009 by McKinley Pitts

Making fun of the Obama administration is too easy these days…

There just is no sport in it any more.  Kind of like hunting dairy cows in a feed lot with a rifle and scope.


The Problem with Obamacare

Posted in Healthcare with tags , on August 16, 2009 by McKinley Pitts

Been busy with a new healthcare blog over at the day-job and have not had much time.

I’ve been thinking about healthcare for those of us that just want the government to leave us the hell alone. Arlen Spector, genius senator from Pennsylvania who has a very fine health plan, held a recent town hall meetings where he thought he could feed us all a little more steaming horseshit about how government really loves us and will care for us assiduously in our old age…

If that doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart then you no doubt spend all of your time fantasizing about lying down with Obama in sin or at the very least you voted for him several times. In short, either you belong to the press corps or some other subgroup of Obama’s useful idiots regiments.

Mark Steyn over at National Review online handily summed up Obamacare by comparing the usual care received by a Brit to what happens when that Brit needs a little healthcare over here.  This article is instructive and also serves the dual purpose of showing that many of the government’s complaints about the system are, in fact, manufactured to scare the American public.