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What is a wholesome sexuality?

Posted in General Discussion on September 27, 2013 by McKinley Pitts

Very good!

Reflections, Reflections by Alessandra

On a recent McCain thread (Miley Cyrus: Insult to Injury), a commenter (Joe) asked:

What in Alexandra’s estimation is a “wholesome sexuality”? If it hurt’s someone it’s immoral if it doesn’t then who cares if people want to have anal sex, engage in S&M, cross dress, worship feet, have threesomes, etc. It’s no one’s business. I’m sure most people here agree with that. if not, then what is wholesome sexuality? Sex done only for pro-creation in the missionary position with the lights off?

I have to say this question lies at the heart of what is wrong with liberal ideology. It’s very important and the answer doesn’t fit in a short comment space. But here is a first attempt at a short reply.

We can look at sexuality in many ways. One is to examine what happens inside the mind of an individual. If their sexual thoughts or…

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Cheer Up: Negativity bias – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Posted in Faith, General Discussion, Personal Remembrances with tags on September 17, 2013 by McKinley Pitts

Negativity bias – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

RealClearReligion – Hannah Arendt, Augustinian

Posted in First Things on September 16, 2013 by McKinley Pitts

A key Augustine insight was that “evil is not something substantial, but rather a type of non-being, a lack of some perfection that ought to be present.”

RealClearReligion – Hannah Arendt, Augustinian.