About Black Orpheus

This is Mckinley Pitts’ (a.k.a., Black Orpheus) personal blog and reflects his world view and his alone.  It may cover any topic he chooses.  Black Orpheus despises tyranny, especially the current cultural tyranny of the left.  He believes that slavish adherence to the typical leftist flapdoodle (see the daily kos or Harvard’s course listings for good examples) dulls the senses, lowers the collective I.Q. of the  nation, and hastens the demise of all good things purchased by the martyrs and, later, by the American G.I.  He lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.

From time to time I change the subtitle or tagline of this blog.  The current one is in Portuguese, “o sono da razão produz monstro,” and can be translated thusly: “the sleep of reason breeds monsters.” It originates with a Goya etching.

Another recent one is, “a estrutura do cosmos é o espelho do deus,” and might simply be translated as “the very structure of the universe is the mirror of God” and reflects my very Copernican view of the nature of the universe.

Regarding this site’s namesake, Marcel Camu’s Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro) you ought to go rent it and watch it.  (Link to the YouTube version of here.)  Released in 1959, it is a retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, set during the time of the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.  Just a stunning, beautiful film in Portuguese.  (English subtitled version available.)  A brilliant review by James Bowman is here.

German Poster by Karl Oskar Blase, 1964

German Poster by Karl Oskar Blase, 1964


3 Responses to “About Black Orpheus”

  1. can not believe I have found another human who not only HAD an experience with Rockin.’Eddie Elvis Diamond but remembers. I have a story for you as I was young country singer there then & he was my “first stalker” (we just just called them creepy then)he wrote and walked Music Row looking for me. I WAS a bit concerned. love your writings. Am coming back to Nash in next few months.I was telling my mom here in Pa. about one of MY most memorable characters & on a whim Googled him. Obviously he left an impression on you too?

    • Black Orpheus Says:

      We had a lot of people with a lot of problems passing through the Psalm. Eddie was a sweet guy with a lot of problems. Lovely that you knew him, too.

  2. Most intriguing! Ironic! I love it! Now I still have to rent the movie.

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