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NFL Watch: Titans 17, Jets 24

Posted in Culture, Sports with tags , , on September 29, 2009 by McKinley Pitts

Have the Titan’s jinxed themselves with paeans to scoundrels? Maybe there is such a thing as divine retribution as the Titans seem to be grazing with King Nebuchadnezzar.


NFL Watch: Texans 34, Titans 31

Posted in Culture, Sports with tags , on September 21, 2009 by McKinley Pitts

Who doesn’t know that the Tennessee Titans got trounced by the Houston Texans on Sunday? We (The Titans) were ahead by 14 points and three minutes of play later we were even with the Texans. Huh? But aside from the game, the pre-game festivities included a warm tribute to Steve McNair and the halftime show was dedicated to equally warm tribute to Michael Jackson.

Okay, that seems tame enough, right? Let me see, the game seemed dedicated to a serial philanderer recently gunned down by his psycho girlfriend and the halftime show feature T-Rac dressed up like a serial pedophile with a plastic surgery fetish (okay, he was never convicted of anything, just accused multiple times and each of those seemed to end with some sort of pay-off)–who either overdosed on illegal anesthetics or was murdered by his own physician–oddly cavorting with a couple of dozen young boys dressed up like little crazed, grinning T-Racs fresh from the Island of Doctor Moreau while another 50 or so little girls (the Junior Titan Cheerleaders looking to be ages 5-12) shook their asses like strippers to big Michael Jackson tunes.

I was left wondering why in the hell they didn’t have Pac-Man Jones around to stuff dollars into the cheerleaders pants or have Michael Vick come in to do a circus dog act? What moron is responsible for this kind of stuff for the Titans? Does Bud Adams think this sort of surreal stuff is perfectly normal?

Okay, a tribute to Steve McNair I could maybe live with, but after the halftime show featuring a Michael Jackson mascot dancing around with a bunch of little kids!!!??? I could not dream this stuff up on Acid. At that point, the only thing about the game that could be construed as normal was the flyover by a couple of Air Force Thunderbolts.

This type of celebrity tribute thing is patently nuts, but I’m sure if you asked the responsible party at the Tennessee Titans what they were thinking, they’d get that look on their face like Heston had when he looked up and saw the ape on the horse.