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Crying Wolf Really Loud

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I ought to share something that might explain this election and make those of us that didn’t like its outcome to at least understand the extreme vitriol. It has to do with the perceptions that media deliver to us and how those perceptions cloud our reason and our view of the world.

Humans, while very smart, sometimes really can be manipulated by the daily drumbeat of media accusations. It worked on Trump. Ask any Trump opponent. And it certainly worked on Clinton. Ask any Clinton opponent. The former can’t even say Trump’s name, it’s always “Literally Hitler” and the latter never refers to Hillary as anything other than something like “Cackling Hag”.

Depending on your initial point of view and the news sources you visit, an image gets formed in your head. Trump is Hitler or Hillary is crooked, or the election was stolen, or crooked. These come from the daily drumbeat of a cynical media. But regardless of a lot of NOT good-natured banter and trolling of friends, the fact remains that we should have compassion for one another. And that compassion demands that we also reason with one another…civilly.

Those on my side of the street (and that’s not exactly Republican or Libertarian, or Democrat, or Socialist; I am a different mix but a mix that, full disclosure, allowed me to vote for Trump with a distinctly destructive glee) we can be the meanest trolls on the planet just like many others from a variety of political points of view.

But it is time to put that aside and figure out how to move forward together. Take fifteen minutes and read this liberal’s blog, The Slate Star Codex. It puts some of the crazier rhetoric in perspective. I didn’t pick it out willy-nilly. I think it is one of those rare essays that can really change your world. To read it go HERE. The author is NOT pro-Trump.

I would also suggest something that has changed my view on a number of things, especially the motivations of my political opponents. This TED talk is by Johathan Haidt, a social psychologist, a liberal, and the founder of Heterodox Academy. In the TED he describes his concept of “The moral roots of liberals and conservatives.” Regardless of the current variety of political labels, we can roughly assign them to either liberal or conservative, the two largest groups anyway even if more strictly defined.

Haidt’s TED takes 18 minutes to view and can change you. It changed me. Go HERE to view it.

If you are distressed by what has happened over the past couple of weeks, these links can go a long way to at least explaining.


Camile Paglia: Woman of the Year

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Re. Camile Paglia: Woman of the Year

When you experience some sort of medical symptom such as a rash, you might choose to go to a doctor. Typically, you ask that doctor to render an opinion as to what might be the matter. The doctor will use a combination of medical signs, i.e., measurable things like blood pressure or bacteria in the urine, observing the rash, taking a biopsy the rash, et al and medical symptoms, i.e., asking the patient what it feels like or what they have been experiencing. In turn, opinion is rendered, treatment prescribed, behavior proscribed, etc., to ameliorate the problem.

If what you want is hard, irrefutable evidence that Western Civilization is experiencing collapse, which collapse might be defined as radical, rapid change (it can be relatively slow) that clearly harms the prospects of its inhabitants and that many might view as bad, then we will probably have to wait for its collapse. Immediately prior to the old Roman Empire’s collapse, the majority of Romans could not foresee that the Visigoths at the gate would ever bring down the Empire. The barbarians were no big deal and nothing had changed as the water in the pot reached boiling. But wasn’t that the point of the 1960s freak movement? A call that civilization was indeed in a bad way and things needed to change.

Point is that one may easily parrot the de jour talking points of the left that either all is just fine or all is going to hell if we don’t get a lot more government control a la MSNBC, CNN, and on ad infinitum. Demanding so-called absolute, unalloyed facts/truth before we dare to adjust our fair republic’s current trajectory seems to be madness, especially since so many of our brightest diagnosticians seem to believe that said trajectory apparently will quickly intersect with an immovable reality.

Me? I don’t want to wait until we hit the fan. I want to hear from those diagnosticians and make a judgement call as to whether we jink the car left or right. Seems left is causing a lot of damage. We need to jink right a bit. Who’s crazy or not? Rather than listening to the screeching vapors on the left that we need more government control of every aspect of our commerce and medical care to the likes of scolds like Kathleen Sebelius and Ezekiel Emanuel, to give unfettered war making powers to a nit-wit in the White House and his crazed enablers at the State Department, its much easier right now for me to listen to the likes of Camile Paglia, David Mamet, Christopher Hitchens, Peter Hitchens, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Heather MacDonald, Thomas Sowell, Peggy Noonan, Victor Davis Hanson, Jonah Goldberg, Ross Douthat, Roger Kimball, and a host of other public intellectuals that posit that perhaps all is not quite right in Paradise.

John Boyd’s Art of War | The American Conservative

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Read this re our current war footing.

Key quote: “The establishment’s insistence on an offensive grand strategy, where we attempt to force secular liberal democracy down the throats of every people on earth, is a major reason for our involvement and defeat in Fourth Generation conflicts. A defensive grand strategy, which is what this country followed successfully through most of its history, would permit us to fold our enemies back on themselves, something Boyd recommended. With us out of the picture, their internal fissures, such as those between Sunni and Shiites in the Islamic world, would become their focus. But as usual, Boyd was right: virtually no one in Washington can understand the advantages of a defensive grand strategy.”

via John Boyd’s Art of War | The American Conservative.

What’s Up With This Election?

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Blaise Pascal wrote in his Pensées, “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. But then that was written long before the invention of socialism. Same difference but the socialists are even more efficient when it comes to modern death culture that has become much of the left. But I digress.

The JokerDennis Prager recently summarized the 2012 election as the values of the American Revolution versus the values of the French Revolution. The values of the American Revolution may be articulated thusly: Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum. Conversely, Prager pointed out, “The Democratic party seeks to replace liberty with equality. Not equality before the law — that we all believe in. Not the equality of human worth — all Americans believe that all men are created equal. But the Democratic party and this president believe in material and social equality — and for them this equality is a greater value than liberty. That is why they seek to control more and more of Americans’ lives — in other words, take away more and more of our liberty — for the sake of some Utopian ideal of equality.”

A dear nephew of mine suggested that I see conservative Republicans as a persecuted minority. I don’t. I don’t think of the Republican Party — or the Democrats, for that matter — as a “persecuted minority”. That moniker makes no sense as those of any real persecuted minority are not typically in the position of being part of the ruling elite. The cognitive dissonance many feel when attempting to reconcile the two parties philosophically no doubt arise from the implicit notion that there is some form of moral equivalency between the competing philosophies, between the competing philosophies of the Republicans and Democrats. But while the Democrats are united in their disdain for those traditional values articulated above, those us from my sector have to force the Republicans to espouse a few of our values. That is the fundamental difference between the actual two groups: those in power and those outside demanding accountability from the ruling elites we suffer.

Given the current administration, the establishment mindset in Democrat Washington, DC, the current ruling party and their lapdog press, and moderate Republicans, the persecuted minorities stand out as Traditional Christians, Taxpayers, Small Business People, and the like. All done while Barry’s minions foment violence against conservatives and play race cards left and right. Viva Class Warfare!

The left on occasion tries to engage in honest debate but very rarely. They would like to more effectively respond, I am sure. But to do so means they have to own up to a number of things that the left are horrified by. The whole debate revolves around redistribution. The left will not debate that fact. They merely attack anyone questioning them as de facto evil and will excoriate rather than accommodate even when the least of us dares to exercise our simple fundamental First Amendment rights. The left ever attempts to squelch free speech and dissenting ideas. Today it is haughty disdain. Tomorrow it will be denouncing one’s own family during a show trial culminating in a mandatory guilty verdict and then a “tenner” a decade strapped to plow at a re-education camp located in California’s Central Valley, harangued by loud speakers blaring Obama speeches and other propaganda 24/7. Can’t happen here?

Occupy Wall Street

Progressivism is presented as a sanitized term for Marxism and has taken the Democrat party, the national media, the academy, the arts, and the courts by storm. It has succeeded precisely because the people in fly-over America are too polite and willing to accommodate different points of view because that’s what we do. American’s do not quake in the face of dissenting opinions. The left is always horrified by dissent from their default politically correct positions. Compare the horror the lick-spittle Obama press expresses anytime a conservative dares to say almost anything to, say, Joe Biden’s insane ravings on any given day of the week. Candidate Aikin is a monster versus Joe Biden’s just a little silly sometimes, that’s all, when he suggest Republicans want to put all black Americans back into chains. And this slander from the party of slavery directed at the party Lincoln, the party of slavery’s abolition.

A simple litmus test is appropriate at this point. Merely ask the average leftist hack their opinion of the wonderful and sweet Che Guevara and then ask them what they think of Armando Valladares, one of Che’s inmates in his Cuban gulag. If they don’t tell you how great Che was regardless of how many people he personally murdered and in turn how evil Valladares was, who’s courage led Amnesty International to name him a prisoner of conscience; who, following his release in 1982, wrote a book detailing his torture at the hands of the Cuban government and its chief jailer; and who was appointed by Ronald Reagan to serve as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, then they are lying. American’s accommodate dissenters; the left kills them and is proud of the fact–they believe it shows courage to shoot someone in the back of the head while their hands are tied behind their backs. The only answer for those who carry the water for murderers like Che is mockery and scorn. Che supporters might just as well be fans of Himmler. Same role, same sentiments, same system.

The core belief of Amerikkka’s left is that America, the United States, that is, is intractably evil and is a terrible influence on the world. We must be stopped. We must be attenuated. We must be taxed into oblivion. Our borders must be opened so that any and all can come here, except for well educated Christians or any studious Asians, unless, of course, they are the welcome agents of the Communist regime in Mainland China. Our military must be weakened. Our children need to be exposed to contraception and sex ed in kindergarten. Sex of any perversion must be legalized. Traditional marriage needs to be laughed at. We will only be good when we become a dependency lapping welfare population along the European welfare state model. We need to have rampant inflation and rampant unemployment because that weakens the foundation of this evil nation, one of the few nations on earth that regularly goes off to war to fight for the freedom of others, to sacrifice massive blood and treasure, to go home when the job’s done, and that has the audacity to dare ask for a little land to bury our dead. We need race baiting, class warfare, and hate. Chris Matthews, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Al Shaprton gooooood! Mark Levin, Rush Linbaugh, Sean Hannity baaaaaaad!

Administration Moonshine

The all powerful moonshine god, Eaac (Equality At All Costs), describes the explicit but veiled opinion of the American left’s ruling elites, including the inner circle of the current administration. To deny it and the true motivations behind these beliefs is duplicity of the highest order. Their positions are simply un-American, traitorous, and evil. To suggest otherwise is folly. That is not to say the vast majority of their adherents believe they are doing evil for its own sake; they believe they are doing good. What tyrant ever believed their intentions to be anything but of the purest kind?

Nir Rosen’s Politics – Matthew Shaffer – National Review Online

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Nir Rosen’s Politics – Matthew Shaffer – National Review Online.

Newest member on my Enemies List: Introducing the rabid hatreds of Nir Rosen.