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Roger’s Rules » Bright Spots in the Bubble: The Case of St. John’s College

Posted in Higher Education with tags on August 20, 2013 by McKinley Pitts

“There is something curiously pregnant about silence among a small group of people sitting around a table, especially when they are confronted with a question. Thirty seconds seems like a long time. A minute is nearly unbearable.”

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From The American Spectator : Sex and the Psychotic Professor

Posted in Big Government, Higher Education on August 19, 2013 by McKinley Pitts

“We are not converts of Rousseau; we are not disciples of Voltaire. Atheists are not our preachers; madmen are not our lawgivers.” What Burke said of England in 1790 cannot be said of America in 2013, where atheists and madmen and the disciples of radical philosophers hold high office and other positions of prestige.

via The American Spectator : Sex and the Psychotic Professor.

Moron Watch: Pink-Squeaks to the left of me, jokers to the right…

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First Thing

Pink-Squeaks (a.k.a., The Left, Secular Progressives, Progressives, Liberals, Pinks, Democrats,  “Some Republicans”, New-Age Brownshirts, Clowns, Morons, etcetera) have a particular weltanshung that derives from, god knows where.  Ha!  Actually we can trace it to its roots.

In this peculiar post-Christian age–where subjectivity reigns supreme and the notions of free inquiry, objectivity, absolute truth, academic freedom, self-determination, and liberty itself  have been thrown out with the bathwater–with hats akimbo, our guv’mint welfare check in hand, and our pants low down on our buttocks, we shufflle along into a bold, new anti-intellectual dark ages.  Notwithstanding the implications of a new dark age, and just like always, ideas matter; belief is powerful, even if wrong;  personal decisions, short term, are determined by fashion; I want my trust fund money, NOW; any form of strong belief is suspect.

The Left’s beliefs, which color all their thought and policy positions, are learned behaviors.  My constant theme is that The Left has swallowed its own ideology without real debate or thought on the part of the vast majority of its adherents. Mirroring the general population and other political movements, The Left have their thought leaders (a few) and followers (a lot).  They are approaching one of their political aphelions at this point and now possess a vast army of automatons directed by pheromones wafting from a cauldron of politically correct ideology cooked up by a mashup of hard-left academics, rappers, grievance mongers, fashionistas, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy lumpen types, bumper sticker authors, government busybodies, rock musicians, phone sanitizers, and the like.

Above all, The Army of the Lord Obama, wants to appear cool.  They must have it.  They cannot be without it.  Obtaining it is everything.  They go after it with the single-minded meanness of a teenie-bopper after a boy band, backstage pass, lead singer feelup.  They want to be told by Hole lead singer Courtney Love that they are the coolest audience ever.  They yearn for the approval of the Big “O”; they want to see his warm, loving, approving, smiling face peer down from a podium purchased with their milk money and tell them to be comforted, warmed, filled, and that they are forgiven for their past transgressions; that they are loved and that he will care for their every need.  They need to hear that their lives matter as defined by bumper stickers and stroking from stage by middle-aged rock stars dying of Hep-C.  They want their parents to hate them even though mom and dad met an a Woodstock opium group-grope and see nothing wrong with their kids’ slacker lifestyle.  They yearn for police brutality but can’t get a cop to do more than to politely ask them to leave.  They are fed up with their trust fund managers because they wont cut checks directly to Green Peace or for carbon credits.  Dad thoughtlessly only gave them a pedestrian Lexus LX to drive at college and they had wanted a tricked out Escalade Hybrid with spinners.  They’d happily go to a mosque if they only knew someone that would take them but would not be caught dead in Christian church.  They take all of the cool courses at college like Human Sexuality and the Gay Bar Toilet 101, Super Smash Brothers Melee Theory and Practice (Oberlin College), or Stupidity (Occidental College)–I’m not making up these last two!  All this and a tat will make them Cool!

They are not aware that “Cool”  is nothing more than ignorance masquerading as experience.  Nevertheless, that’s what they want and they will get it even if they have to kick and scream and refuse to eat dinner for several minutes.  No thought they have ever had has gone unexpressed due to the fact that their teachers and parents have encouraged they cute little minds to speak!  Heard not seen, they were told how wise they were from the crib and never give the opportunity to learn how to doubt or learn how to critically parse a statement.  (That would be intolerant!)  “Tolerance” masquerading as thought.

Where have they come from?  How did they become what they are?  Very simply, they’ve been taught this stuff.  Their teachers have been William Ayers, Reverend Wright, Che Guevara, Jesse Jackson, Hugo Chavez, Jane Fonda, Super Mario Brothers, Al Sharpton, Robert Redford, The Electric Company, Russell Brand, George Stephanopoulos, Ed Asner, Obama his own bad self, Kurt Cobain, Al Gore, masturbation, Oprah, Barbara Streisand, Abbie Hoffman, Sesame Street, Fidel Castro, and the whole pantheon of whack-job, Pink-Squeaks that are supposedly in the know.  They know who Bernadette Dohrn or Yoko Ono is but couldn’t tell you a thing about Augustine of Hippo or Edmund Burke.  John Lennon, not John Donne, is their muse.

So, back to this all important First Thing/only thing that they believe in: tolerance.  Wasamadda with that?  Well, for one thing, again keeping it simple, believing only in tolerance in practice (there’s an interesting thought) turns out to be not very tolerant.  And, in opposition stand a few of us yelling, “STOP!”  Étienne Gilson, the French Thomist once said (and I am paraphrasing from memory here, so be tolerant; I can’t find the original quote right now) that the person who holds strong beliefs is the truly tolerant person because they have felt the sting of intolerance so many times.  Pink-Squeaks, in their slavish devotion to an all-powerful belief in the primacy of “tolerance” and nothing else (unless, of  course, you might hold some odd belief like abortion or gay marriage is wrong, in which case abortion rights or gay marriage rights suddenly trump everything else in the universe, period) routinely believe in nothing–or at least claim not to believe in anything substantive–but act highly intolerantly as evidenced by visceral hatred for Orthodox Christians, George Bush, free-market capitalism, Iraqi elections, Ronald Reagan, the USMC, John Wayne, and the like.

When they got to college, no teaching real critical thinking, only ideology.  If they expressed any boarderline conservative thought they were ridiculed by teachers and branded as freaks by their classmates.  They suddenly found out that they couldn’t get dates.  When Ward Churchill, Professor and fake Indian, tells his students things like, “When you kill 500,000 children in order to impose your will on other countries, then you shouldn’t be surprised when somebody responds in kind…,” the average student–with no ability to think through the statement critically and many times has no other frame of reference other than that the University evidently certifies that this Clown is therefore, and by his very presence there, cool (and he’s cool anyway because of the weird long hair, the righteous anger, and funny smell and I need to be tolerant anyway)–swoons instead.

Thinking themselves wise, they have become fools.  Regarding tolerance on the left, where’s the beef? 

Ah, Republicans!  As it turns out, maybe 40% of the earmarks in the most recent stimulus/hogwash bill are theirs.  Do they think this will fix their problem?