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Crying Wolf Really Loud

Posted in conservatism, Donald Trump, Enemies, First Things, Heterodox Academy, Hillary Clinton, Jonathan Haidt, Liberalism, The Media with tags , , , on November 18, 2016 by McKinley Pitts

I ought to share something that might explain this election and make those of us that didn’t like its outcome to at least understand the extreme vitriol. It has to do with the perceptions that media deliver to us and how those perceptions cloud our reason and our view of the world.

Humans, while very smart, sometimes really can be manipulated by the daily drumbeat of media accusations. It worked on Trump. Ask any Trump opponent. And it certainly worked on Clinton. Ask any Clinton opponent. The former can’t even say Trump’s name, it’s always “Literally Hitler” and the latter never refers to Hillary as anything other than something like “Cackling Hag”.

Depending on your initial point of view and the news sources you visit, an image gets formed in your head. Trump is Hitler or Hillary is crooked, or the election was stolen, or crooked. These come from the daily drumbeat of a cynical media. But regardless of a lot of NOT good-natured banter and trolling of friends, the fact remains that we should have compassion for one another. And that compassion demands that we also reason with one another…civilly.

Those on my side of the street (and that’s not exactly Republican or Libertarian, or Democrat, or Socialist; I am a different mix but a mix that, full disclosure, allowed me to vote for Trump with a distinctly destructive glee) we can be the meanest trolls on the planet just like many others from a variety of political points of view.

But it is time to put that aside and figure out how to move forward together. Take fifteen minutes and read this liberal’s blog, The Slate Star Codex. It puts some of the crazier rhetoric in perspective. I didn’t pick it out willy-nilly. I think it is one of those rare essays that can really change your world. To read it go HERE. The author is NOT pro-Trump.

I would also suggest something that has changed my view on a number of things, especially the motivations of my political opponents. This TED talk is by Johathan Haidt, a social psychologist, a liberal, and the founder of Heterodox Academy. In the TED he describes his concept of “The moral roots of liberals and conservatives.” Regardless of the current variety of political labels, we can roughly assign them to either liberal or conservative, the two largest groups anyway even if more strictly defined.

Haidt’s TED takes 18 minutes to view and can change you. It changed me. Go HERE to view it.

If you are distressed by what has happened over the past couple of weeks, these links can go a long way to at least explaining.