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John Boyd’s Art of War | The American Conservative

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Read this re our current war footing.

Key quote: “The establishment’s insistence on an offensive grand strategy, where we attempt to force secular liberal democracy down the throats of every people on earth, is a major reason for our involvement and defeat in Fourth Generation conflicts. A defensive grand strategy, which is what this country followed successfully through most of its history, would permit us to fold our enemies back on themselves, something Boyd recommended. With us out of the picture, their internal fissures, such as those between Sunni and Shiites in the Islamic world, would become their focus. But as usual, Boyd was right: virtually no one in Washington can understand the advantages of a defensive grand strategy.”

via John Boyd’s Art of War | The American Conservative.


The Third Jihad

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The Third Jihad.

In 72 minutes, this film found at the link provided above reveals that radical Islamists driven by a religiously motivated rejection of western values cultures and religion are engaging in a multifaceted strategy to overcome the western world. In contrast to the use of “violent jihad and terror to instill fear in “non-believers, The Third Jihad introduces the concept of “cultural jihad as a means to infiltrate and undermine our society from within.

This is the  film showed to the NYPD and then attacked by CAIR.