First Things

Objectivity, Bad Obama, The Press, and a Few Predictions

How I View Myself: I have a lot in common with the left. I’m articulate, and enjoy sharing my views. People intently listen to what I have to say when I am speaking. People respond to me positively. I have strong, well thought out beliefs. Even though I am slightly overweight, women adore me.

How Others View Me: I have a lot in common with the left. I love to hear myself talk. I love to tell people what I think. I actually think most people are interested in what I think even though they are really just being polite. And, darn it, people just like me. I have very strong beliefs and like that ratchet-jawed, sneering dweeb trying to steal into office in Minnesota, I spew them in the worst possible ways. Women view me as a slob pervert.

I take a few vitamins, like to eat healthy food, read a lot, exercise on occasion, and like a lot of foreign films. Unlike the left, I don’t think a lot of my favorite personal habits ought to be turned into federal legislation or Supreme Court Cases.

Full Disclosure: I’m an old Goldwater conservative and, as a result, I take a strong TR-like position on defense (talk softly; carry big stick), love RR-style fiscal constraint/small as possible government/low taxes, and think that crafting anything other than a basic federal social safety net is bad for the moral fiber of America (churches, private organizations, and local governments are much better at that sort of thing). Furthermore, this means I think a lot of other things like…

  • Ronald Reagan was the culmination of Goldwater conservatism launched in 1964, loved America, was an all-around great guy, a hero to us, and we love him. He wasn’t perfect but we have good reason to tear-up when we think about him, kind of like liberals do when they get all teary-eyed on Stalin’s birthday.
  • 2nd amendment rights are key to our basic freedoms. Yes! We are happy to cling to our God and our guns. Church is good. People ought to go to church, or synagogue, or even mosque (as long as you behave politely–you guys are on probation for awhile and we will give you a pass as long as you conduct yourselves like your grandmother would want you to and no Islamic jihad crap) and government should do nothing that abridges the free exercise of religion in America. Get over it!
  • Prayer in school is just alright with me–it never hurt anybody and we have never constructed an Islamic nightmare like the ones in countries that the left seems to admire so much.
  • The enormity of typical leftist political hypocrisy is impossible to fathom for people that have not come bang-up against it and almost never can be over estimated.
  • I believe in American Exceptionalism and even occasionally flirt with the notion of Manifest Destiny. (I only flirt with it a bit because it was a Jacksonian concept–my grandmother had a lot of Cherokee in her and hated Jackson’s guts.)
  • Good manners are key to success in life and international relations. (Leftists think that if it isn’t some hyper-complex form of Hobbesian realpolitik and conducted in French, then it shouldn’t be taken seriously. They think the same thing about international relations.)
  • Aside from his imperialist and progressive urges, we like Teddy Roosevelt because he dug the Panama Canal, was a big game hunter, founded a lot of national parks, knew how to handle himself, and kept a big stick around. He was a conservative’s JFK (sort of–JFK was a conservative’s TR). A lot of conservatives even think his trust busting was somewhat justified at the time.
  • We like parts of Harry Truman because he was honest, didn’t like commies, and made the right decision about how to end WWII. We don’t like any of his domestic policies.
  • Abraham Lincoln was probably the greatest president in American history, but is in a very close race with the original right wing extremist Washington.
  • Jefferson might be next greatest. He was all for limiting federal power. Why our current crop of New Age Brown Shirts attach themselves to him so firmly is beyond me.
  • We like Nixon because he scared the living hell out of the commies and because even today he drives the left thoroughly insane, he can’t be all bad. He was not the bogeyman, although the left thinks he was. He was just a very interesting person. (What other president has opera’s written about them?!!) We liked the results of his realpolitik, which we think was appropriate for the times and scared the living hell out of the commies. We didn’t like his domestic policies. He was NOT a conservative and if he was still around today, would be more closely aligned with the Dems on domestic issues. Nevertheless, He took over the reigns of power at one of our more vulnerable points in history (Vietnam, assassinations all over the place, hippies taking a lot of dope, yippies marching in the streets by the thousands, commies at their world-wide zenith, riots everywhere, the military in a bit of disarray after the McNamara years, you name it–it was a very scary at the time)
  • We liked president Bush(II) for fighting terrorism and the fact that he gave us the means to do it. Like Nixon, he drove the left completely bats, so he can’t be all bad. We like his pro-life stance a lot and the fact that he went to church. Contrary to left-wing orthodoxy, we think that our relations with the rest of the world were really on a very good footing when he handed over the keys to the White House to Alfred E. Obama. We did not like his fiscal policy and his inability to articulate conservative values and policies. He was NOT a Reagan conservative. (Sorry, left-wing pinkos. No Cuban cigar!)

To continue, I have a federal concealed carry permit for irony and live to poke fun at the left. You know who they are–they are just like that persnickety, teacher’s pet, know-it-all, neurotic, fat kid with really thick glasses, mouth always half open, breathing heavily, cold clammy skin, that hated to be touched, and always had to hit you back even if you only touched him by accident. (Bad, pinko! No doughnut!)

I love America, I refer to her as “She”, and when I see the flag and hear “The Star-Spangled Banner” I tear up. The left hates that sort of response so much that loving America can’t be all bad. (NOT KIDDING DEPARTMENT: A good rule of thumb is, even if you have never heard of it, if the left likes it a lot it just about has to be a bad idea.) I don’t think America and Israel are the only evil regimes in the world. America is not perfect, which, like everyday hero’s, is what makes her great: She rises above her flaws. (The moron left has no idea what I am talking about here.)

I love Christianity. Christians–real ones, anyway–on a routine basis, rise above their flaws. (The moron left has no idea what I am talking about here. Will somebody please educate these idiots!) Furthermore, Christianity is the midwife of true western-style scientific endeavor and paved the way for the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. These movements would not have appeared in a secular society devoid of religion. I take great comfort in the Copernican notion that the universe reflects God because it was created by god. I won’t stoop to the usual Obama political operative/Pink-Squeak tactic of claiming that I would never attack someone and then immediately attack them so I’ll just say this: I won’t attack atheists for their beliefs; I think atheists are morons and cannot admit to the real underlying complexity that is life. (Cf. The Honorable Prophet Obama’s attacks on Sarah Palin’s family after vociferously insisting he would not. Yes, we have plenty of evidence supporting the fact that The One–or at the very least, his operatives–did this very thing. No, I won’t brook any dissent on this point. If you do dissent, you’re either a liar, a fool, or have been in a coma for the last several years.)

Slavery is bad. Racism is bad. The KKK is bad. Lynch mobs are bad. The real kinds, not the pretend ones the grievance mongers on the left ladle up. (More dull-witted confused stares from the moron left.)

Freedom is a really important concept with a very long history, can be defined using English, and is firmly embedded in the Constitution of the United States. (The moron left is very, very confused as to what I am talking about here. They are all for freedom if it means freedom from those things that provide the real freedom I am talking about. Confusing, isn’t it? Will someone please educate the idiots on my left! Harvard has FAILED us!)

And another thing regarding freedom, God’s relationship to man is all about freedom. (Moron left now have same look on face as Heston did when he looked up and saw the ape on the horse.)

Even though I have never had the privilege of serving in the armed forces of the United, I believe that there are two types of Marines: Spit and Polish Marines that look good on a parade ground and raggedy-ass Marines that are good at taking beaches. I tend toward the latter category. (With thanks to William Manchester’s Goodbye Darkness.) If I make the mistake of reading William Shakespeare’s “Henry V” Act IV, Scene III, I break down and weep openly. I deeply appreciate the blood, sweat, toil, and tears spent by the American GI that have sacrificed on behalf of America and delievered liberty on an olive drab platter to millions everywhere. This is one bastard that will not forget.

This is my catechism/my political position, such that it is, regarding those things that inform my political point of view.

Now the hard left–that heroic last bastion of truth, justice and the American way–will read this stuff (can they even read?) and sneer themselves to death. What substitutes for thought amongst those leaders in the left’s vast Romper Room, the daily kos, is that a good model for America’s physiognomy is Pol Pot’s Cambodia. While this may be an exaggeration, the sad thing is that it is not much of one!

Obama and His Lapdogs

I wanted to like Obama. I tried to like Obama. I don’t like Obama. I’m willing to confess my distaste for him. Forty-two days into his presidency and I’m already switching the channel when he smarms onto the screen. It’s like the second Carter administration, God help us! I’m trying to get over it. I will continue to pray that he make the right decisions as our president, but I will not become his lapdog as the American press has.

In the July 14th, 2008 issue of National Review, Noemie Emery wrote in “In Love and Hauteur”:

“To the press of their day, and to most of the public, TR and JFK had the appeal of an intense personality and an opulent lifestyle; to the press of today, and to a much smaller slice of the public, Obama has the appeal of a superior mind and character. To them, he is everything they see in themselves and look for in others: ultra-cool, ultra-refined, extremely articulate, wholly non-violent, and transnational in his instincts and biography. He has lived in Hawaii and Indonesia, but not in “middle America.” He knows the slums and the faculty clubs, but not the nation’s small towns. He knows nothing of business or the military and seems to hold both in muted disdain.

“Obama was not born into the elite, but he has joined it by training and by inclination, and in this sense his journey mirrors that of the press, which began as a trade that drew people from all parts of the culture but has become an exclusive profession, staffed largely by upper-middle-class people who feel a strong sense of mission and an equally great self-regard. Now it shows all the signs of an institution in an advanced stage of decadence: It has built a multimillion-dollar shrine to itself in Washington, along with numerous schools and institutions study its “excellence” (which seems to decline as these studies proliferate), and it convenes endless panels to extol its importance and mission, even as scandals plague its most prominent newsrooms and its ratings and circulation figures decline.

“As a result, the press becomes more and more like the academic community, Obama’s electoral base, which is similarly out of touch with the larger American public. His support in the press approaches that in the college towns, where he rolled up impressive majorities. Bill Clinton came from Hope, as did Mike Huckabee, but to the press Obama has become Hope personified. Journalists are Obama’s disciples; he is their prophet, the mirror in which they see themselves. And journalists spend a lot of time looking in the mirror.”

She can turn a phrase! This is great and encapsulates The One perfectly. No wonder the British press thought Obama snubbed Gordon Brown. He did! And the press here has only covered how the press in England covered Brown’s visit. And this is why I don’t like The One: Like the American press, he doesn’t get me and he doesn’t get America. He gets Amerikkka!

A Few Predictions

Okay, so I don’t like Obama and his propaganda wing, and I’m sure they would not like me, but which way is the ship of state tacking? If Obama is the Second Coming, not of Jesus, but of Jimmy, then what’s to become of us? What hideous thing can we expect this swamp called Amerikkka to work as The One out-Carters Carter? The answer? A lot of scary stuff.

Assuming that the press continues to cover for The One, and Congress remains docile, bad things will surely continue to happen. I can’t help wondering if The One is willing to sacrifice so many of us on the altar of economic disaster in order for him to have a freer hand in remaking society according to his vision for a brave new socialist world.


Dow Today 6627 (March 2009)/ It’s March 2010 and I’m checking out the Dow on Yahoo Finance. What do I see? Dow 6250.

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Today 5.17% / March 2010 7.00%

Median US Home Price Today $175,000 / March 2010 $150,000

Unemployment Rate 8.1% / March 2010 12.5%

Consumer Price Index +0.3% / March 2010 +1.0%


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