The Usual Suspects

A new, new enemies list…

Post any submissions you wish below in the comments.  [Note that unlike some in the press and blogosphere that refer to any criticism of secular progressives (I just call them “pink-squeaks” or sometimes “pinks”) as mockery, any and all comments made below are the real deal.  This is mockery and deservedly so.]

To continue, and building on fine work that has gone on before (kudos to Richard M. Nixon, R. Emmet Tyrrell, P.J. O’Rourke, et al) the following need to be remembered for their singular devotion to the weakening of the nation:

[In no particular order except for the fact that Obama comes first.]

Obama [pronounced, Oh-BAMa, like the ‘bama’ in Alabama], antichrist and all around neophyte; every time he thinks he weakens the nation.

Rham Emmanuel, White House Chief of Staff, a.k.a., “The Ballerina”, for starting out life as a ballet dancer.  [Please note that we think being a ballet dancer is usually a really good thing.  It’s just that the occupation suffers from the fact that Rham Emmanuel was once a member.] 

Nancy Pelosi, wall-eyed chief toady of the left in the House of Representatives.

Enemies of the State
Enemies of the State

 Helen Thomas, White House Press Corps homunculus, for her straining at the gnats by referring to various Pakistani thugs as “so-called” terrorists.

Joe Klein, Time Magazine’s Archbishop of the Prophet Obama, for his unashamed and blatant worship of Barry.

Bill Clinton, because he is too much a Calvinist!  [See]

Andrew Sullivan, for being a dope.

Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, because he can’t pay his taxes so why should he have any rights to spend ours?

Blago, ’nuff said.

Harry Reid, for being a grimy little itty bitty man.

Roland Burris, new Illinois Senator, replacing Obama, and is now under heavy fire and is being called on to resign after having served only a month in office.  Irrespective of his stringent asseverations to the contrary, transparency is not his strong suit.  I can’t do any better than Wikipedia [, accessed February 19th, 2009 ]:

On February 18 [2009],  the Chicago Tribune, the state’s largest newspaper, called on Burris to resign the job he has held for barely a month.  In the editorial, the board wrote, “His protests that he had nothing to hide just don’t square with his obvious attempts to hide something.”  The editorial board of The Washington Postalso called for his resignation saying Burris’ story has more twists that the Chicago ‘L’ [the complex Chicago Transit Authority elevated rail lines] because Burris had offered five varying explanations—three of them under oath—of his contacts with associates of Blagojevich.  Many African American politicians in Chicago, who initially stood by Burris when the Senate first refused to seat him, have since abandoned him.

Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States, because he makes Al Gore look downright smart.

Submitted by my pal JRD in LA…

My pal JRD in LA sent me a list of suggestions so long that I have to edit it down.  I prefer not to include corporations or publications because I can’t make fun of them as effectively as I can people, but let’s just assume it the leadership in these organizations:

ABC/ABC News, for being CBS News.

NBC/NBC News, for being CBS News.

CBS/CBS News, for being CBS News.

AOL-Time-Warner, for Being CBS News.

The Walt Disney Company, for stomping on everything Walt ever did.

Michael Eisner, past head of Disney and all around scumbag (special mention required for this clown) and for stomping on everything Walt ever did.

Paramount Corporation, for having anything to do whatsoever with MTV.

Miramax Films, for being owned by Walt Disney Company.

Universal Entertainment, for being owned by NBC/GE.

Turner Entertainment, for having Ted Turner’s name.

The New York Times, what a crock of shit.

The Boston Globe, for the same reason.

The Village Voice, for the same reason.


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